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  1. I have a MIM P-Bass (2001) and I want to adjust my string height. I still have the stock bridge installed. Anyone know what size allen head wrench is needed? The wrenches I have are too big and I want to avoid hauling my baby into the local Ace Hardware. I searched for this info already and didn't see anything covering this, sorry if this has been covered before.
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    Apr 6, 2001
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    1.5mm should get it done for ya.

    Welcome to TB!
  3. I have been here a short time now (since August) and I appreciate the quick reply!!
  4. I just did an adjustment last night and mine have the small flat head screws.

    Just take it to the store and size it up
  5. Actually Hategear was correct. The size is 1.5 MM so I am all set.

  6. Right on!
  7. I have an allen wrench set that has enough sizes for bridge adjustments, truss nut adjustments, and I can work on my truck with it.:D
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