MIM P-bass w/ gigbag $200

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  1. Hey. It's me again. Everything has been sold except the P-bass.

    2001 MIM Fender P-bass: Midnight wine, white pickguard, a few scratches on the back and edges, one on the pickguard. The wiring has been redone badly. The tone control is disconnected, the wires are new but too thick. I just don't have the motivation to fix it up. It does work as is. It just needs someone who cares. Plays and sounds like a P-bass should. Serial #MZ1106103. $200 + shipping from 01570. Comes with manuals, tags and a gigbag.


    Buy the bass. Or I'll eat your soul.
  2. cjgallen


    Oct 19, 2001
    How about I let you eat my soul, and I take the bass? :D ;) Quick somebody buy this. An awesome price I'd say.
  3. :D You're a tricky one. The wiring isn't THAT big of a deal. I'm not good at soldering, and I don't wanna melt any pots. And I'm lazy. ;)
  4. BigTopBruno


    Sep 6, 2002
    NJ, USA
    ..surprised not sold yet..maybe the wiring is scaring people off..

    ...man, very tempting, ...I could see this with a nice annodized gold pickguard and new pre/pups....dude, I would gladly pay you $150 for this...


  5. It's now $175. You know you want it.
  6. BigTopBruno


    Sep 6, 2002
    NJ, USA
    ...bump....buy this bass! great deal for a MIM Fender!

    ...noobies?...this is your chance!

  7. mr.redpants


    Feb 6, 2002
  8. Flatwound


    Sep 9, 2000
    San Diego
    Look, redpants - you better buy this thing. It's a screamin' deal and I'm soooo tempted. Incidentally, I'm pretty sure it's still available.
  9. Yeah, it's still available. At least it's still in my room.
  10. ::thrust::
  11. Honky Tonk

    Honky Tonk

    Jan 30, 2003
    mail sent
  12. bass still there?