MIM P Midnight wine red...major cosmetic and parts upgrade:

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  1. So I'm thinking of investing into the MIM P I have. Might as well keep it and make it pretty too.

    Upgrades. Underlined is already installed. Bold is definite purchases

    Thumb-rest above the E string
    Tortoise pickguard? Already have a black on but it looks too much like Nate Mendel's P-Bass
    Badass II Bridge
    Vintage 70s-style Tuning heads (ones on the Geddy Lee model) with one of them being a Hipshot D-Tuner.
    SD QPB-3 or Fender CS '62 pickup or EMG Geezer Butler
    MAPLE fretboard neck from Fender

    I want it to look pretty and sound amazing. It'll be a lot of money invested into this, but I'm confident I won't end up selling it two weeks later...

    What do you think? Any suggestions or alternatives?
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    just be careful not to spend too much, or else you would be better off trading it in on a MIA P.
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  3. Mmmmm good point. I might scrap the maple fretboard neck. I do prefer rosewood on P-basses. It looks nicer with the midnight wine red.
  4. You can always purchase the new maple neck from Fender..and sell your R.W. neck to recoup some $$$. 1/2 the fun is modding the bass to YOUR style/needs. If it is a hobby...what the hell.... do what you want to make it yours and you won't find another one like yours. You will,,if you buy a new off the shelf bass either MIA or not.
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    Red tortoise or red pearl looks good.
    Ever since I saw a Midnight Wine Jazz bass with a red pearl pickguard, I've wanted one.
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  6. I might up most of these parts from Allparts...other ones I'll just scrounge around my music stores.

    My main issue is the pickup. The heart of the P-Bass. I'm so torn between the three.

    What I'm looking for is a boost in low and high ends....something akin to Mike Dirnt's Vintage Custom '59 pickup.
  7. Hmmm... if it weren't for the BAII, I'd say put a chrome cover on the bridge – that's always a classy addition to any P Bass, IMO.

    If you're going with a white PG, how about a white pickup cover to match it?
  8. Ehhhhh I'm not a fan of the chrome covers or white pickup covers.

    I might get the red tortoise...I saw photos on Google Images of some basses and guitars with that combo. It feels a bit bright for me in comparison to MW/Black.

    The BAII is a maybeeeee..It has ungrooved slots....waiting to be slotted when I head over to L&M next time and while I'm there, might as well pickup some...pickups and a few other parts for it...hate making two trips, you know?
  9. Gotta love modifying stuff!! My $0.02.
    For the pickups, Aguilar 4P60's (although the 4P-Hot's may give you more lows).
    For the bridge, a Fender Pure Vintage 60's style bridge with grooved saddles.
    +1 to the thumbrest, but I'd put it below the G-string in the 60's position.
    +1 to the rosewood fingerboard too.

    Oh, and midnight wine is a gorgeous colour. Very jealous.
  10. Why beneath the G-string, though?
  11. Well, for me the thumbrest / tugbar is cosmetic, so it doesn't get used. In the 60's position it is out of the way for fingerstyle playing. I will admit that it gets in the way if you play slap.
  12. I play a bit of both, actually...lol. I might just scrap it.

    BTW, what are "reverse tuners"?
  13. Reverse tuners just turn in reverse from contemporary tuners. My '65 has them, I know they were used in the 60's, but I'm not sure of the years.
  14. Hmmm okay. Thanks for the info!

    I might get the set that are on the Nate Mendel, Geddy Lee, and Mike Dirnt basses.
  15. IMO, go with the CS '62 or GZR p-up. I have an SPB-3 in my 96 P...it's WAAAAY too hot!
  16. They're the same ones used on the Classic 50's P. Any Fender rep can order them but they're like $18-20 each. IMO, if your tuners work well, skip this step for now.
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    Here are my suggestions:

    I wouldn't bother with the thumb-rest unless you are going to use it or going for a vintage vibe.
    I think a Tort guard might look pretty sweet, but maybe find other basses with the same finish that have different PG combos, to see if there's one that jumps out at you.
    Keep the BAII unless you are looking for a vintage vibe, in which case go with a Fender vintage bridge.
    A Hipshot D-tuner will run you $65 USD, and then $60 USD if you want to replace the rest of the tuners. unless the MIM tuners are total garbage, I would just get the D-Tuner that works with MIM tuners and you save yourself the $60.
    Can't help with the pickups.
    A new neck with a maple board from Fender is $199 USD. These are the same necks used on the MIM basses. I wouldn't do it if your generally prefer a rosewood board on a Precision.

    Of course, you can do these upgrades over time. You are looking at over $400 in upgrades at this point if you do it all at once.
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    Black pearl for the pickguard I think would make it look different. Similar to this strat.
    94 Strat+.jpg
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    The '62 Reissue pickup is a great mod. I personally think the Badass II is hideous and not an upgrade as far as sound goes. Someone recently posted a photo of a wine colored bass with a tort guard and it looked amazing. Like, now I need one of those in my collection.
  20. Great suggestions! And I am sort of going for a vintage-modern vibe. I may end up replacing the BAII for the vintage bridge I have.

    I can't get a set of the vintage tuners? I have to buy them separately? Phooey. Might keep the MIM ones and get the matching D tuner