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Minimalist live rig questions

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by deiseldave2001, Jan 4, 2002.

  1. I am looking for a stage configuration that will allow: independant stage volume/eq control without affecting the "out front" signal, midi switchable rack effects to mains and stage alike, compression on stage and at mains, minimal high impedance lines, minimal gear.
    My current config (as shown below) gives me most of this but is too gear heavy, and has too much high impedence signal path.

    Bass->wireless->Boss ME-8B multi effects->Demeter Pre->Compressor(Effects Loop)->Hafler P3000->Stage Cab
    \>Demeter DI out (pre)->Mackie 1604 Mic in->Compressor (insert loop)->etc....

    In order to allow effects out to the board, the ME-8B is hooked up to the input of the Demeter which means long hi-z cords. The Demeter DI is switched to "pre" in order to give a flat signal independant of stage volume/eq changes. The problem is that the DI is then "pre" effects loop rendering my rig's compressor useless to the board feed.

    The best FOH bass sound I've had is my bass (EMG's) plugged right into the board. This was just a test to see what would happen, and has led me to the opinion that I should make a new configuration to get less stuff between the bass and the board. I need effects at the board, as well as compression.
    Line6 Bass Pod Pro looks like the perfect solution. It allows for a minimal configuration with effects to the DI, independant stage volume control, midi effects control, etc... However, I am not very happy with most of the sounds Pod offers. I also tried a Boss VF-1, and liked it's sound (at the music store). Could I perhaps split the signal from the Boss VF-1 between the boards line input and my stage rig's power amp input (see below). I could just control my stage volume with the Hafler's volume control. Would this work?

    Bass->wireless->Boss VF-1->Y-cable->Mackie 1604 line in
    \->Hafler P3000->Stage Cab
    Any ideas. Thank's, Dave
  2. HTAG,
    thanks for your reply. Evidently, I put too much detail in the post, and was not direct enough.
    My question really is: what is the best way to get an effected signal to the board that remains constant in the face of varying stage volume changes, and uses minimal but high end equipment.
    In response to your post, you should see by my signal path diagram that the stage compressor is just that. I do not have two compressors in line to the board. I have a seperate compressor on each path.
    As far as whether I need effects or not. The diverse nature of the material we do requires it. Synth, octave, etc... and to have them on stage and not out front defeats the purpose.
    Thanks again,
  3. brianrost

    brianrost Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2000
    Boston, Taxachusetts
    Simple answer (you know this) is a DI right after the effects unit.

    I can't think offhand of any preamp that has a pre-EQ FX loop so that means you need to put the FX ahead of you preamp, then use a pre-EQ DI...just like you're doing now

    I really don't see any way to reduce your gear setup unless you're willing to jettison your preamp and live with what's in the effect or go over to an integrated amp head and dump the pre/power setup altogether.

    Since you also talk about audio quality, sorry neither the Pod or the VF-1 is gonna match the tone of the Demeter, baby :rolleyes:
  4. Thanks Brian,
    I can tell you've been around. Your conclusion is similar to mine. The Demeter is great, but as far as the out front thing goes, the EMG's alone sound best. Since the Mackie board is so tolerant of input signals, I'm thinking of going bass->wireless->
    Boss VF1 (I love it's effects)->board (or) DI to board->insert out (or) DI line out to Hafler/cab.
    This would eliminate (2) compressors, Demeter, Boss ME-8B, and a 1/4 mile of cords. I decided at tonights job to try the configuration tomorrow with the ME-8B subbing for the VF-1 and see what happens. I'll let you know how it worked.
    Very good. Thanks for your help. What a cool site.

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