No longer available (MINT) 2018 Spector Euro 4LX Ultra Amber Burst

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Darren02, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. Darren02

    Darren02 Never stop the groove in order to find a note

    Apr 6, 2016
    Sparks, NV
    Hey all,
    Ive decided to sell all of my basses except for one. Let me start by saying Spector makes INCREDIBLE instruments, and Im really going to regret giving this gorgeous instrument up...
    This Spector Euro 4LX has only been used in my house sans 3 times when i brought it to church and band gigs. It is a neck thru, with a beautiful amber burst finish that really pops under stage lighting. This bass is in the exact same condition as it was when i bought it new from my friend in late 2018 (who had it for a few hours before he decided he liked 5 strings better.)
    It's an amazing bass with endless tonal capabilities. Ive played along to metal, punk, reggae, and even some jazz with this thing and it does nothing but cut through and lay down a fat low end to the mix. Im paying off some debts currently and can only afford to keep one bass (My custom Zon Sonus 5) and although i have GAS for another 4 in the future, i have to give this one up for now.
    Im looking to sell it for 2000 shipped with a Spector gig bag, as it sells for 2500 new plus tax (
    I will possibly accept offers, but please be respectful with them as this bass is in absolutely pristine condition.
    Here are some photos (apologies for the small mess, this room is a work in progress! Lol)
    IMG_6617.JPG IMG_6618.JPG IMG_6619.JPG IMG_6620.JPG IMG_6621.JPG IMG_6622.JPG IMG_6623.JPG IMG_6624.JPG IMG_6625.JPG
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  2. bass40hz

    bass40hz Cigar smoker, scotch drinker, American Patriot

    Aug 13, 2014
    Sussex County, NJ
    no endorsements yet...Are you listening Spector, DR, GK, Line6?
  3. Darren02

    Darren02 Never stop the groove in order to find a note

    Apr 6, 2016
    Sparks, NV
    Sorry, no trades at this time. I need to pay off the remaining balance on this instrument.
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