SOLD MINT Dingwall NG2 Purple Swirl

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    F198DF67-FB62-49CB-BECA-EF02CC063126.jpeg FE588B90-DD84-4DD8-9837-EAA3E337BE58.jpeg 410D28D2-D81B-4B69-A3E9-0D5630E1269F.jpeg 1A96F461-A1A6-4739-984E-D3F2FB98BFCC.jpeg 8E8659EC-CB13-4A3A-8EF7-AA67162DF14C.jpeg Throwing up my mint condition Dingwall Ng2. The project I purchased this for ended up not happening so it just sits. This thing has not left my bedroom and will come with original tag and Dingwall branded gig bag. There isn’t a scratch or rub Mark anywhere on this bass at all. It is literally showroom quality

    Hit me up if interested and thank you for looking TB!

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