MINT in BOX! K2 Power Extreme Rollerblades

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  1. K2 Power Extreme Men's size 11.5/US, 45/EUR, 10.5/UK. Soft leather and mesh boot delivers breathability and supreme comfort. Full lace up for more points of adjustability.

    These blades have never seen pavement or a rink. Purchased several years ago but never got taken out of the box. Literally worn for less than 10 min in the shop....maybe that long at home.

    Asking $100 (+shipping US/lower 48 only) bucks for at one time $300 hi-ends. You still probably won't find any this nice for that price!

    No Paypal, USPS MO or checks please.
  2. Nice and shinny like day 1 :)

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  3. Most interest would be an Aguilar or EBS Octave.
    [DEL]An Eden WTDI preamp would be cool.[/DEL]
    Hiddin' that DBX or ART Dual Band EQ?
    Maybe, someone's got a Lexicon MX200?
    [DEL]How 'bout a TC Helicon Voice Correct Pedal?[/DEL]
    [DEL]Possibly Squier VM 5 Body?[/DEL]
    Alesis SR-16 drum machine

    Wanna swap something funky for something not!? :smug:
    Source Audio Bass Envelope Filter
    MXR M82 Bass Envelope Filter
    Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter

    Let me see what ya' got.
  4. Looking to trade for recording gear too.

    Focusrite Saffire Pro24 DSP?