Minwax Poly Spray + Fabric Covered Bass....

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  1. I am in the midst of a project right now where i have covered the face of the guitar with a piece of cotton material. I began to spray (aersol) Minwax poly over the entire bass and i'm beginning to feel i won't get the nice "clear coat" shine over the fabric. I have applied roughly 6-10 coats over the entire bass and have found the painted areas are beginning to have a real nice shine but no luck on the face. Can anyone give me some advise on what i should do or their experience with this type of project? Thanks again for all your help.
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    Did you try searching for "fabric?"
  3. I don't think the fabric would have an adverse affect on the poly but the spray glue(or whatever adhesive you used) may be incompatible. If the poly fully cures you can try to "block" it flat and buff it. Of course this is a guess at best.
  4. I'd guess you'd need a ton of finish- sanding between coats- over the fabric to get it smooth & glossy, assuming that's what you're after. It's a bit late to suggest this now, but it's always good to experiment on scrap when doing something out of the ordinary. Interesting concept- I hope you pull it off.
  5. What i used to adhear the material to the bass was Titebond I and worked fine as far as gluing it to the bare wood. I did have a smaller piece i tried it on but not to the full extent of applying multiple coats to see the end result (that is my own fault). I may continue to put a few more coats on and seeing how that results. I did have a concern about slight sanding the fabric. Wouldn't that distort the design? Again this is my first time trying this out and your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks TB'ers.
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    Lots and lots of layers building up, then sanding in between to level things out.
  7. STFLBN - have you tried this before or just general knowlege? If you have done this type of project before i'd enjoy hearing about it.
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    Jul 22, 2007
    Cincinnati OH
    Luthier of Michael Wayne Instruments
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    I'd continue to build up the finish until it finally saturates the cotton. It's like a sooper porous surface, so you'll have to fill it with the finish.
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    I've not done it, but there's other threads that talk about it. "From memory" I think other users may have initially used wipe on poly, then finished up with spray and lots of wet sanding to get a glass finish.
  11. Thanks for the insight - my only concern is that no matter how may coats of spray on poly i do (whether its 10 or 100) it will never harden up to be able to be sanded and buff to a smooth finish - or is my own misconception?
  12. Let it sit for a while(week or two) to give the poly a chance to fully cure. The thicker you apply it the longer it will take to cure. I let mine sit at least a week and I spray light coats of poly.
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    Mirror coat epoxy?
  14. I made leaps and bounds last night on top coating my bass but i changed the type of product i used. Instead of Minwax Spray Poly im using Mod Podge Gloss Lustre over the fabric to build up a top coat, which really has helped. I am at the stage of wet sanding and buffing tonight. i will keep those who are interested, posted.
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    yeah go for it, thats a cool pattern.
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    I am in the middle of the same project. But I am using Deft Sandable laquer from a spray can to build up the surface. I am amazed at how much it is drinking up.

    I plan on keeping it up until the surface is built up. Then I'll finish it with a finishing lacquer.

    And Mikey is right you should search for "Fabric" you'll find a couple tutorials and links to other pages that give step by steps for fabric finishes.