Miranda Lambert - Mama's Broken Heart Question

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  1. This sounds like a basic root-fifth pattern with some runs thrown in to get to the next chord. Any input on these runs from the guys playing it or just basic chromatic runs here?

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    I ran through this a couple times on guitar cause my cover band is gonna do it in a couple weeks!

    It's 2 chords .... Em to Bm .... The bass runs are coming from the E Natural minor scale

    E , F#, G, A, B, C, D .... Stick to the scale on this one .... No chromatics.
  3. There is one with a chromatic bit, IIRC. The runs I can remember off the top of my head are:

    Ascending from E
    E G A A# B

    Descending from B
    B A G F# E

    Descending from E
    E B C D B

    Descending From B
    B A G F# E

    Those are the ones I play anyhow.
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    Aug 20, 2010
    NB, Canada
    Right .... You've got a blues scale run.... The main thing is to stay off the typical E , F#, G, G# run that you find when using E7 chords.... You don't want the G# in this tune...
  5. Thanks guys. The intro is in E but looks to be played on the octave (7th fret A string) while the verse is on the open E string. Just curious how you guys are playing it if using a 4 string or if you're going low and using a 5 string for the low B?
  6. Thanks again for the help. This is what I have thus far. I wasn't sure about the last bar of the 3rd verse but I believe it's correct. I looked at the online sheet music for it and it seems mostly correct but with some errors.

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  7. I'm still stuck on the last bar or two of the 3rd verse. As she's singing "fire trucks show up and there's no body else to blame"

    I have as |-B-F#-|-B-F#-|B-F#-|-?-???-|

    The last four bars are Bm-Bm-Bm-Em. ...which goes into Em for the beginning of the fourth verse.
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    Holy thread revival, Batman.

    Curious if anyone else has worked through this in the meantime. I just got a gig with a band that is a stickler for the original recording. In this case, my first few listens suggest the bass is actually pretty busy playing counter melodies while bouncing back to the root five thing just enough. Could take some time to get what was actually recorded. Pretty nice bass line, if you ask me.
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    Jan 10, 2010
    the B chord is B7 borrowed from E harmonic minor. the D# can be utilised to great effect on this chord.