Mis-matched knobs and pots on MIM Jazz?

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  1. I got a nice 2006 standard Jazz from a buddy of mine. Got it home and had a close look at it and the knobs on the two volume controls are different:


    The neck volume control knob doesn't have a set screw. So I popped off the control plate and the neck pot is different too:


    According to my friend he got it new out of the box and it has never been repaired. Is it possible Fender did this at the factory? The soldering looks consistent enough to be all original. I don't think it really matters, and I'm planning to try a cheap Artec preamp in it so it will all be coming out anyways, but it seems odd.
  2. That wiring looks too messy to be stock.
  3. Part of that may have been my fault when I flipped the plate over. Here is my '06 MIM fretless Jazz for comparison:

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    Feb 20, 2009
    your friend is either mistaken or fibbing. that is a squire jazz bass knob (push-on with no set screw) on a non-fender replacement pot.
  5. I decided to fix it by going back with the correct stock pot, unfortunately my local repair/parts place didn't have one available. They did have a "No-Load" 250k tone pot in stock, so I bought it and replaced the original tone pot with it, and then used the original tone pot for the neck volume. Upgraded to a Orange Drop for the tone cap and a real Switchcraft jack.