Misc Accessories: Monster, Planet Waves, Fender PG, Zoom 506

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  1. OK. I have a few 'miscellaneous' things that can be cleared out.


    First up - 12' Monster Cable, Prolink Monster rock, one straight end, one angled. $25 (sold pending payment)

    Next - Fender Jazz White PG from a MIA Jazz that I picked up last month. As new but has scratch by the truss from a 'tech' that tried to adjust before removing the pg. $15 (still available)

    Next: Planet Waves 3 inch padded black nylon strap. As new. Had a third bass for a few weeks, but had to let it go. $15 (SOLD)

    Last: Zoom 506 Multi pedal. I received this on a trade with an amp. It does not have the back battery panel and the guy had stripped the 9v adaptor (how I have NO idea). I have soldered an adaptor on and tested. Everything works. Does not have adaptor or include the manual. $22 (SOLD)

    All prices are shipped CONUS.

    Interested in overdrive pedals at this point looking for:

    - Sansamp driver
    - MXR - M80
    - Fulltone Bass driver
    - Boss me-50b or similar
    - something similar

    Pics to be posted up later tonight, but wanted to get this up there.

    Any questions just ask.

    Also have an ashdown ministack under amps.
  2. Pics.
  3. The jazz pg and the zoom.
  4. pm on cable
  5. khazol


    Jan 29, 2007
    I can take the strap.
    Shoot me your paypal.
  6. Sorry....just sold before your post.

    monster cable is on hold,
    planet waves is sold
    zoom is sold.

    Only the Fender PG is left. Will update the original post to reflect.
  7. Ah....early morning business on TB!
  8. closed. everything but the pg went.
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Not open for further replies.