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  1. X Audio 18" cabinet, empty...2 1/4" jacks and bare wire inserts... 24x21x14..2-4" ports..The grill and grill clamps are included, all handles, and hardware...It's carpeted black...Corners have a couple of scratches, and the cat hair will be vaccumed off as best I can...I'm asking 85+shipping

    DOD bass grunge..1 knob missing(Grunge) this has Level, Butt, Face, Grunge controls on it...It's in great condition...I'm looking for $30 shipping included..

    DIGITECH Bass Synth Wah..Cool effects from this bad boy, it's brand new...I just can't find a use for it...They go for $80 new, I'd like to get 80shipped

    All prices are negotiable, and I will intertain any trades...
    EMAIL ME or PM
    Thanks Much...

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