Missed opportunities aka prospective NBD that did not get to be... What about yours ?

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  1. Bonjour !
    I'm positive there are quite a few posts like that, lamenting the missed opportunities aka prospective NBD/NAD/etc. that did not get to be.

    Me ? Well, this week and the last, i got to see on Montréal kijiji a ''open box'' Yamaha 734a in matte black (aka the passive/active bass that Peter Hook now uses w/ his band and a bass that sounds really really great, a bass that i was eventually planning to get in the long run anyways..) for 799.99$ (instead of 999.99$ + QC and federal taxes) AND a near-mint Epiphone Thunderbird for 350.00 (not the Gibson version or the IV Pro version of the Thunderbird, but still! - instead of 550.00$ + QC and federal taxes) that a guitar player was no longer using and wanted to get rid of...
    After i asked if it was still available and how well was the bass, etc., i slept on it for the night and asked the following morning/a few days later if it was still available and if i could try it...............and they were gone...
    You snooze you lose, as they apparently say...:banghead::rollno:

    What about your stories of missed opportunities for gear ?
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  2. Keith Guitars

    Keith Guitars Commercial User

    Aug 25, 2004
    Woodstock, NY
    Builder: Martin Keith Guitars
    A local shop was changing hands about 10 years back, and the original owner was willing to clear out old inventory for his cost.
    I could have bought a pre-fire handmade Dingwall 5-string for $1600, new off the rack.
    Didn't have the money...:( That one still sticks with me.
  3. JohnArnson


    May 28, 2019
    It's not really the gear I missed out on buying that troubles me, it's more all the great gear that I have been stupid enough to sell over time.
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  4. bobyoung53

    bobyoung53 Supporting Member

    I went to a guitar show in 2001-02, something like that and I played a 65 Fender Precision, sunburst with tort, the guy wanted 800 bucks for it, told him I had to go home and scrape together the money and I'd call him later that night, called and he said, "Oh that P bass? Gone about 30 minutes after you left." I wasn't so impressed by the fact that it was a transition year Fender as I was by how it sounded. It needed work though, had a wicked ski jump but man did that thing sound good.
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  5. Volker Kirstein

    Volker Kirstein Blippy the Wonder Slug

    Once upon a time, there was a crazy violin bass...
    BASS W3.jpg
  6. the_home


    Jul 14, 2005
    Pensacola, FL
    I know there are some I missed that stung at the time. Still wish I had pulled the trigger on an early 70s Tele bass a few years back. It was in great shape, well priced, and I just haven't seen another in quite a while.

    But truthfully I need to let more deals pass me by. I have some very nice basses already that do not get played enough.
  7. Not exactly a "coulda had a vintage Fender for pennies" story but I'm currently missing out on a Sterling Ray 35 because the seller simply stopped communicating with me as we were trying to set a time to meet up. Ad is still there, money is still in my pocket...
  8. Spidey2112


    Aug 3, 2016
    I think there are just as many successful snags, as unsuccessful...

    ... the counseling helps, especially when they have Boston Cream donuts at the meeting.
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  9. Bass V

    Bass V

    Dec 11, 2008
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    the week after I bought my first basses in the mid '80s, both Fenders, a mint copy of my '65 dot neck BASS V showed up at the local music swapmeet ...for the same $275 I'd just paid. it was a massive thing of beauty in showcase condition, very impressive and it's never left my mind, but mine had more stage time, scars, and stories behind it before ever seeing me. there are other basses to shed tears over but I try not to remember the misses!
  10. bigsnack

    bigsnack Supporting Member

    Aug 24, 2005
    Los Angeles
    I actually just had one! I was talking to Alembic83, preparing to buy a replacement SB Integra for the the one I had for years. He had posted it on Reverb for a bit of an inflated price, just to test out interest for the bass. While we were talking over PM on talkbass about final price and details, it sold on Reverb to a guy that lives 15 minutes away from me . They don’t come up that often, and Alembic83 has been out of communication for about 3.5 months now, so I have to buckle down, be patient and be ready for the next one.
  11. nonohmic


    Dec 13, 2005
    ABQ, NM.
    AVRI 58 P for $999. Went home to 'think about it'. Then gone that afternoon.
  12. An excellent Fender MIA charcoal frost metallic precision for $600 several years ago.

    A pristine Squier Standard series precision special for $75 last week. I saw it one moment on Craigslist...gone the next.
  13. Keger Jupit

    Keger Jupit Inactive

    May 10, 2018
    The Great PNW!!
    6 years ago, GC, this thing...


    Handbuilt by Angelo Dillon. 6-string, fretless. I'm not crazy about the shape, & I hate 6-strings...but...

    $1,000, hands-down the best playing bass I've ever touched in 30 yrs. Killer tone, too...if I had the $$, I would have bought it on the spot.

  14. bobyoung53

    bobyoung53 Supporting Member

    Another one i just remembered which also shows that pre-CBS basses were known to be better than current basses and commanded a premium price even during the late 70's. A bass playing friend of mine had a 62 Fender Precision that he said he had found in a yard sale, I offered to trade him an SVT cab which were probably worth maybe 100-200 bucks at that time, he scoffed at the offer. I have no idea what he ever did with it or how much money he wanted as I had no money at that time and didn't even ask him.
  15. Slater

    Slater Leave that thing alone.

    Apr 17, 2000
    The Great Lakes State
    Waaaay back when I first started playing bass, I had the opportunity to buy a Modulus Quantum 6 for $999. I didn’t think I was ready for a six-string, so I passed. Obviously, I still think about it.