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missed out on a nice peavey t-40 because of my age.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by clanner, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. clanner

    clanner Token Black Guy.

    Apr 27, 2005
    ummmmm, marietta GA
    and am going insane trying to find another in my area. the pawn shop I went to was near Panama City (EZ Pawn) and the guy kicked my band and I out beacue we were 17. we live in marietta/ Powder springs GA and I'm trying to find another.

    doeas anyone have any soundclips of a t-40?
    this one was maple neck dark sunburst. going for 225.

  2. Pennydreadful

    Pennydreadful Goin out West

    Jun 13, 2005
    Arlington, Texas
    Well, that's weird...I was never kicked out of a pawnshop (or any place else, for that matter) when I was seventeen...

    All I can recommend is to keep an eye on ebay. T-40s pop up on there all the time.
  3. Trevorus


    Oct 18, 2002
    Urbana, IL
    Were you causing a disturbance? Is that legal? Go back yourself with an adult and buy it. You'll look less suspicious with an adult.
  4. Munjibunga

    Munjibunga Retired Member

    May 6, 2000
    San Diego (when not at Groom Lake)
    Independent Contractor to Bass San Diego
    ... because we were 17 and we were ...
  5. Pennydreadful

    Pennydreadful Goin out West

    Jun 13, 2005
    Arlington, Texas
    I know you've gotta be eighteen to sell stuff to a pawn shop (at least around here), so maybe you've gotta be eighteen to buy. I don't think that's really ground to kick somebody out if they're not causing any trouble, but still, that could be why.
  6. clanner

    clanner Token Black Guy.

    Apr 27, 2005
    ummmmm, marietta GA
    we just walked in and walked over to the wall of guitars. looked at them and the guy asked us our age. apparentley it's illegal or something of the sort to sell pawned goods to a minor. and no chance in going back. just got done with the nine hour drive back home.

    on the upside I just did a search for shops in my area and there is an EZ pawn near me so hopefully they will have basses.
  7. lug

    lug Supporting Member

    Feb 11, 2005
    League City, Tx
    strung BEAD:

    strung EADG with new D'Adarios prosteels
  8. bongomania

    bongomania Supporting Member Commercial User

    Oct 17, 2005
    PDX, OR
    owner, OVNIFX and OVNILabs
    Say man, just because you saw a bass you liked in a given pawnshop somewhere is no reason to think a chain of those pawnshops will be a good source of basses at a fair price. Pawnshops may occasionally be the source of a good deal, but most often they are out to rip you off with no warrantee or return policy. I understand that you're on a budget, but there are better ways.
  9. lola99


    Jan 28, 2006
  10. denton57

    denton57 Supporting Member

    Nov 1, 2005
    I find that 95% of pawnshops around here seem to have the exact SAME equipment. Mostly way overpriced trash. Its almost like each store orders a "pawn shop package" from some catalog that contains 10 strat copies, 10 crappy solid state combos, 4 noname basses (one with 2 strings) ect... However, there are a few good ones out there. Over in Tulsa, there are a couple great pawnshops that have some good stuff. I bought a '77 Ric 4001 for 400 bucks back in '94 at one, and a '81 4003 for $550 a couple of years later. I have seen many 70's jazz and P-basses there too. I have to drive an hour and a half to get there, but it is well worth the drive. They are out there, but hard to find.
  11. Schwaa


    Feb 25, 2006
    Yeah, do some research before buying from a pawnshop. but it's always a good place to play stuff :D

    I found a bass that looked OK at one-they wanted $400 and it was in need of some work. Looked it up online and the new model can be had for $200.

    lug I like that bassline, but both links are the same.
  12. You would be better off to avoid pawn shops like the plague. Chances are you will not find any deals and they know not the 1st thing about instruments. They want your money and thats it. Pawn shop people are sketchy to say the least. Not all, but most. Youd be doing yourself a favor and just stay away from them. There are a LOT better options for buying instruments and getting good deals IMO.

    ...and +1 on ebay. Ive seen a bunch of t-40s on there.
  13. Eilif

    Eilif Holding it down in K-Town. Supporting Member

    Oct 1, 2001
    I would disagree with those who say avoid pawn shops.
    I like to swing by pawn shops if I have bit of time. Sometimes you find good stuff. Mostly not, and you do have to be carefull, but I got my '79 t-40 at a pawn in mint condition in 2002.(I'm not kidding).

    Advantage include... at pawn shops, not only can you bargain, you can try before you buy.

    As for Ebay, t-40's are pretty sturdy instruments. Ask the right questions (neck bow, finish, scratchy electronics, etc) and use regular Ebay caution and it shouldn't be much of a risk.
  14. lug

    lug Supporting Member

    Feb 11, 2005
    League City, Tx
    Thanks for the heads up, fixed it. :D
  15. RudeMood

    RudeMood Supporting Member

    Nov 7, 2004
    Austin, TX
    I have had good luck buying on ebay as long as you ask the right questions and go with a seller that has lots of positive feedback.

    If I remember correctly, those T-40s weigh about 4 tons.
  16. anonymous278347457

    anonymous278347457 Guest

    Feb 12, 2005

    Didnt lying ever occur to you?:D
  17. lug

    lug Supporting Member

    Feb 11, 2005
    League City, Tx

    They seem to vary wildly in weight. The Natural Ash and sunburst ones go anywhere between 10 and 12 lbs, the solid colored ones are usually poplar or Alder (but can be ash) and tend to weigh a bit less.
  18. I have seen used Peavey T-40's at the Marietta and the Atlanta Guitar Centers recently for around that same price.
  19. need4mospd


    Dec 22, 2005
    Not if he didn't know he had to be 18 to buy. I thought you only had to be 18 to sell to a pawn shop, so I wouldn't have lied.
  20. clanner

    clanner Token Black Guy.

    Apr 27, 2005
    ummmmm, marietta GA
    it hadn't crossed my mind to lie. he just asked what age we were. and I know that not all pawnshops have the same stock. I found one today (checked yellow pages.com) and am going tommorrow. next to my favorite music store where if I can't find a bass I'm interested in, I can walk right over and pick up this squier P-bass that just killed me when I played. lightest bass I've ever held (about the same or lighter than my Guitarists Gibson SG) I plan to buy a black or blue sparkle PG for that one if I do Buy.

    p.s. all of this would have gone to a distortion pedal today if tha release date hadn't been moved back. (dunlop bass blowtorch)

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