Missing Brad Delp Guitar

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    The family of former Boston lead singer, the late Brad Delp, is trying to locate one of his guitars which is missing from the estate. His wife recently posted the following. Please message me if you have any information. Thank you.

    I posted a picture of Brad with the guitar.

    "So... in going through all the "stuff" and discussing with my kids what they want to keep.. etc.. I found the original appraisal for Brad's guitars and as it turns out..it seems my kids did not receive this rare Taylor that Brad is holding in my photo here. Seems they got a totally different 12 string acoustic that was not even listed on the appraisal. The appraisal was done for the Estate .. so Brad had it when he passed. This is a very special guitar that was given to Brad by John Boylan when he was in the studio in LA recording the first record. It was the only guitar that he dragged around with him to every hotel room on the tour.. and as you can see played at home !!! It is a Taylor Jumbo body 12 string with solid Sitka spruce top, solid East Indian Mahogany back and sides. 25 1/2 scale length Mahogany 20 fret neck with ebony fingerboard and mother of pearl diamond inlays. Ebony mustache shaped bridge Added details inlay pearls on back, abalone rosette and trim and tortoise tear drop pick guard. The is a rare model Taylor 885 featuring more elaborate wood inlay design on the back which do not fit the specifications for this model but was authenticated by Taylor after they researched their records.
    YAY.. talked to Taylor Guitars today.It is a model 885 custom. Only 1 of these sold in 1976 and serial number is 20173. Anyone owning or in possession of this guitar should turn it in!"
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