Missing US Fighter Pilot found after 18 years

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  1. Wow, just saw this on the news while I was eating dinner. Micheal Scott Speicher was shot down during the first gulf war and they ID'd his remains today.

    My base is really close to the base in Iraq named after him, and we go there for convoys and stuff. I always knew a little bit of the story behind it but now it kinda brings closure to the whole ordeal. Another brother can come home now.


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    They don't make the decisions, they just serve and do the dirty work. God bless our warriors abroad.
  3. Hi.

    Very good news to his family.

    Too bad he's going home in a lead coffin so to speak.

    When I read the thread title I immediately thought that one of the thousands of MIA's/POW's around the world had been found alive and going home. No such luck unfortunately.