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  1. I came to this board a couple of weeks ago intent on building a new bass rig on the cheap. Last week I bought a Markbass LMII from the TB classifieds. Tonight I ventured to Brooklyn to buy a GK Neo 115.

    I bought the entire rig for $500. Guy I bought the cab from even gave me the GK Speakon cable.

    nevermind the guitar amps. :D

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  2. Nice score. That oughta sound pretty darned good.
  3. orangejulius3

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    May 6, 2013
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    Very good deal!
    Not sure if you know but,
    I would becareful using that GK speakon cable if I were you.
    You should only use it on a GK Bi-amp head unit.
  4. rapidfirerob

    rapidfirerob Fusion rules!

    I have two GK 112 Neo IIs and use the GK Speakon cables with my GB Shuttle 6.0. No problems. What is the issue?
  5. orangejulius3

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    May 6, 2013
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    Never mind.
    I'm to sleepy to think correctly.
    I forgot that most GK cabs have a cross over for bi-amp and full range.
    Basically you shouldn't be using these cables on NON-GK cabs.
  6. wave rider

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    Jan 5, 2005
    If I understand it correctly, GK cables are 4 wire for biamp-ability. Seems to me that if non-GK amps have two pole sockets for output, the cables should work. Set the switch on the cabinet to full range...

  7. Yeah, the head only uses two connections and the cab is set to full range. So no issues.

    I do find it interesting that speakon connectors are completely absent from guitar equipment. You would think that it would be an industry wide change.
  8. Russell L

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    Mar 5, 2011
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    Heck, I'm still using 1/4" speaker cables. Is there anything wrong with that these days? Jes wunderin'.
  9. I don't think so. but then, I'm just a noob.

    Finally plugged it in tonight. After a few weird minutes where the dust in both the amp and cab got to settle, it sounds good. Mind you, I only have what i like as reference for what "sounds good" means. Tone controls are at noon, VLE and VPF are off, gain and master at at 9 o'clock. Bass volume and tone both at 7. Crossover on the cab is at noon too.

    The high and low don't seem to do much. The mid controls are really where it's at. I turned the master up to noon briefly and then reconsidered my relationship with my downstairs neighbors. I probably won't be doing that again for a while. This thing is loud.
  10. 11 months after buying this, I finally got it up to rehearsal volume.

    The great thing about rehearsing in NYC is that you can go to a space with your instrument and a couple of pedals, plug into their equipment, and rock out. No need to haul a ton of gear with you. And with the right gig bag, you can bring everything you need on the subway without hassle.

    The crappy thing about rehearsing in NYC is that sometimes the amps are wonky, the PAs aren't grounded correctly, and the rooms smell like stink weed, piss, and BO. And you never actually get to hear what you sound like through your amp.

    So today, on a rare weekend rehearsal, the Stand-Ins went to a space on Long Island where we could bring all of our own equipment and not be under any time constraint. I finally got to hear what my rig sounds like above apartment levels.

    The entire rig was: Reverend Mike Watt Prototype -> Eventide Pitchfactor -> Way Huge Angry Troll -> MI Audio Tube Zone -> Z-Vex Super Duper -> Markbass LMII -> GK NEO 115 III.

    This is a loud setup. It's loud, it's clean, it sounds great, and will peel the paint off the walls if you want it to. I barely got the gain and master to 10 o'clock on their respective dials and had to back off of the instrument volume control because I was drowning out the drummer. It's nice to have that kinda power in reserve. Especially as the guitarist is running an Axe-Fx and two powered monitors. He's going to have to learn to dial in his setup (I'm holding my breath over here, really). But it's also good to know that if I were in a larger group maybe with a second guitarist or keyboardist, that I'll have no problem holding my own.
  11. chienmort


    Aug 15, 2012
    There is a Neutrik recommendation for bi-amp connection and from memory the Low frequencies are on +1 & -1 with the High frequencies on +2 & -2.

    Full range signals go via +1 & -1 so worst case scenario is that the sound would be bad.

    Of course they could have a proprietary standard but if so they should pay up for any damaged caused by going proprietary.

    It ain't how low you can go but what you do when you get there!
  12. will33


    May 22, 2006
    If it sounds good/works like it's supposed to, your cable is fine. It's just that the GK cable will have an extra pair of wires in it for GK amps and cabs separate tweeter control. Running it with a regular amp, the extra wires should basically just be unused/not connected to anything.

    If there is some problem, just open up the connectors on the cable and unhook-cap off the extra pair.

    I've learned a few things about this amp live and in rehearsals for the past 6 months or so. In rehearsal, everything is pretty straight up at noon, with the VLE and VPF below 11 o'clock, and the gain and master around 10 o'clock. At last night's gig that all went out the window. Volume controls were still the same, but I bumped the mids and highs and turned off the filters. Most importantly, I keep the cab tweeter on, something I was adamantly against when I bought it. Rig sounds killer, it's just ugly.
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