SOLD Miura MB-2 Super Jazz from former Xotic Luthier

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    Aug 28, 2009
    Out of the mind of Hiro Miura and into the world comes the new Miura MB-2 bass! The former master luthier from Xotic guitars is now building under his own name, to spectacular results! This MB-2 is a masterfully crafted bass that is light and well balanced too (8.7 lbs). Never laid our hands a 5-string that plays this easy, the action is as low as we've ever seen. This bass will not disappoint! The control set up is very flexible: master volume, pickup blender pot, master tone, then the mini pots are the active eq (bass, mid, treble). The mini switch sets the where the midrange boost peaks. This is one bass that will get a lot of use!

    -34” inch scale/22 frets
    -10” radius fingerboard
    -Body material: Ash
    -Fingerboard material: Maple
    -Bridge: Hip Shot Type-B
    -String spacing at saddle: 18mm
    -Pickups: Nordstrand 70's Jazz Bar pickups
    -Pre-amp: Aguilar OBP-3
    -Tuners: Hipshot Ultralight

    Ash body with 34" scale maple neck. 18mm spacing. Weighs 8.7lbs on a Postal Annex scale. Comes with black, clear and gray pearl pickguards.

    Strung with TI Flats and setup with a very low no buzz action. Original round wounds will come with the bass.

    I've had a few much more expensive five string basses and I can truthfully state that this one beats them all. It's extremely well built. The fit, finish and fret work is second to none. The neck is thin front to back and feels super smooth.

    Ships in a Super Nice IGIG Soft/Hard Case!

    MB2Cls.jpeg MB2Cls2.jpeg MB2Hd.jpeg MB2Bk.jpeg MB2Bkfll.jpeg
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