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Mixer Into Soundcard

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by Bassman_Spike, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. Hey All

    In the future im interested in doing some home computer based recording.
    The way i want to do it is like our school..hook everything up to a mixer then the mixer into the computer.

    So my question is how do i do this?
    Do i need a good sound card?
    Do i need a special mixer?

    Ive attached a picture of the type of mixer i would be getting so if you could tell me in relation to the pic where to plug stuff in that would be great

  2. unrealrocks


    Jan 8, 2004
    That was is probably the simplest although with editing it makes for hell.

    If you say mix everything into that mixer then straight into your PC you can only record it onto one channel. This means you can only change the volume, speed, pitch etc. of the whole thing. I use an MAudio 4 channel soundcard
    This means I can record 4 different tracks at once and still differentiate between them later in GuitarTrax.

    If you wanted to keep tie cost down and use a mixer, it'd be simply that mixer into the Line in on your soundcard (phono to 3.5mm jack I'd guess), then whatever you want plugged into the mixer ... dead simple!

    On the words of soundcards, most can record 16/44 with no problems (CD quality) and don't really interfear with the sound (for home recording purposes anyways), BUT the main thing is lag. Cheap soundcards (and some expensive ones) lag between the time you hear it, record it, see it etc. which means if your hearing one track and playing the next track to that track you could end up with an out of sync recording. This isn't allways a problem but still takes time to adjust the tracks ... something a decent soundcard (such as the earlyer mentioned) doesn't have.

    IMO I would get a 4in/4out (or better) soundcard and bypass a mixer and just use a mixer on the PC!
  3. Thanks for that unrealrocks...that was a great help

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