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  1. I did a search, and didn't get the response I was looking for. But silly question kind of:

    I have a 4 channel Pyle Pro mini mixer (model pDMX4L). Can I plug an acoustic guitar and mic into the mixer, then run that to my combo amp?

    I am going to later tonight, but wondering now.

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    Chances are the combo wasn't designed for even, studio-monitor style response, so it won't sound great. Still, as long as the combo has an input that will handle line level from the mixer, it's do-able.

    If your combo has an effects loop, plug the (line level) output from the mixer into the (line level) effects return jack. This should bypass the amp's pre-amp. Depending on the design, it might also bypass the amp's eq. What you're left with is a mixer feeding a little power amp and what's likely to be a fairly colored cabinet.
  3. Of course you can do that, but it will sound like a junior high dance in 1966 :)
  4. Perfect! What I was going for :hyper: