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Mixing The BAND and LIFELINE thru EDB-2

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by rickwolff, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. rickwolff

    rickwolff CGJ (Certified Gear Junkie) Supporting Member

    Like a lot of you I've been chasing after an amplified sound that I like. I'm extremely happy with my Shen 7/8 Gemunder and I'm playing it through a Phil Jones SuperFlightcase.

    I've had a 'good' tone using a Gage Lifeline, but in some rooms I've had a muddy sound that didn't cut through. I perhaps could have done more with the EQ either on the PJ or the EDB-2, but I went chasing other options such as microphones.

    I also recently got The BAND pickup which sounds great at home but on my regular jam session gig it again didn't seem to cut through or have the 'punch' I was looking for.

    Fast Forward: Played a gig last night in a room which has been boomy for me in the past. I had recently read a review Chris Fitzgerald did on the S.Flightcase in which he said he needed to reduce some of the very substantial lows by using an F-deck.

    I don't have an F-deck but last night I tried something Phil Jones is dead-set against - I lifted the amp off the floor and put it on a chair (still pretty much against the wall).

    Next, I ran my Lifeline into one channel of the EDB-2 and The BAND into the other. Pretty much balanced the two for volume and basically left everything flat on both pre and amp. I then ran the DI into the Bose house PA so the pianist could hear it a little better (she said all she was hearing before that was piano which was running through the Bose.)

    I was really happy with the sound I got last night - probably the best amplified sound I've yet gotten in a club. The Lifeline seemed to give me the 'punch' and a nice fat low end while The BAND seemed to add a more 'microphonic' sound.

    If you'll excuse the playing, you can check out a clip I did of us jamming on Bye Bye Blackbird last night. The recorder was probably 8-10 feet from the PJ which was behind me, and maybe 4 feet from the Bose tower. I'm guessing it was picking up roughly an equal amount from each and virtually no acoustic sound direct over the amps.

    If this continues to work out I'm willing to quit trying to use my ATM 35 which sound really nice in controlled environments but hasn't played well with others on the gig.