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MJ - Rock With You - Bass Player Mag July '05

Discussion in 'Tablature and Notation [BG]' started by funkydanbass, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have a copy of the 'Rock With You' (Michael Jackson) transcription from Bass Player Magazine (July, 2005) that they could email me?

    Thanks in advance!

    danielkinnaird (at) optusnet.com.au
  2. Attached.

    Attached Files:

  3. OH SHIIIIIII thank you!
  4. Greatly appreciated Jake!
  5. No worries guys.
  6. lostgitar


    Nov 20, 2011
    How can I get a copy?
  7. click the links in post #3.
  8. lostgitar


    Nov 20, 2011
    I got it thanks.
  9. SpectorDetector

    SpectorDetector Supporting Member

    Apr 20, 2008
    Atlanta, GA
    Thanks for this! Anyone have access to the magazine to scan the performance notes?
  10. MixBass


    Feb 23, 2006
    L.A. Harbor
    Co-founder. GrabAxe
    Thanks, saved me some time!
  11. Mikio


    Feb 21, 2009
    Santiago de Chile
    Thaaank you so much!
  12. Tupac


    May 5, 2011