SOLD MJC IRONWORKS 5 string set (used)

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    Jul 12, 2014
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    9327552B-2DA5-401F-BF62-0A39763E59DC.jpeg Looking to trade a barely used 5 string set of MJC SS light (although they look like nickel) Had them on a 34” 3 x 2 They were neatly crimped and cut.
    Great sounding strings. Very even across but just a little to rough for my liking.
    There are two B strings, Standard .125 and tapered .120 6 strings total.
    Interested in 5 or 6 string sets light or extra light.
    Balanced Nickels
    Infield Super Alloy
    Sun Beam
    Pressure Wound
    Any Flat wound sets
    individual Flatwound B or C
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