SOLD MJT and Fender Roadworn Jazz Surf Green Nitro

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by steelin4u, Feb 13, 2021.

  1. steelin4u

    steelin4u Supporting Member

    United States
    Hi TB,

    You probably know how renowned the Fender Roadworn series is, especially the early years. Well, I built this bass up to really be a one-of-a-kind beautiful Roadworn with serious upgrades! If you've been waiting for an early roadworn jazz to come up for sale, this would definitely be a step up. Check out these top-shelf details:

    • 2009 Fender Roadworn Jazz neck with dark rosewood fingerboard and beautiful wear. Back of neck has some light impressions around the 8th fret area, nothing major.
    • MJT (Mark Jenny) jazz bass body, lightly aged surf green nitrocellulose finish (a bit hard to photograph, it is a slightly deeper green than the pictures here, I'd say)
    • USA Hipshot Ultralite tuners
    • USA Fender Jazz Pickups (ALN 35 JB)
    • Emerson Jazz bass electronics setup with treble bleed on dual volume & tone setup
    • Dunlop straplocks, lightly aged bridge and control plate, Fender roadworn screws
    • Near-new D'Addario nickel rounds
    • Includes a Levy's gig bag
    • 8 lbs 11 oz (8.68 lbs)
    Looking for $1,100 now $995 shipped obo. Thanks!

    20210213_192807.jpg 20210213_192755.jpg 20210213_192807.jpg 20210213_192813.jpg 20210213_192820.jpg 20210213_192830.jpg 20210213_192842.jpg 20210213_192502.jpg 20210213_192851.jpg 20210213_192907.jpg 20210213_195534.jpg
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  2. Kernkamp

    Kernkamp Supporting Member

    Jun 24, 2007
    St. Paul, MN
    That is beautiful! I’m having MJT refinishing my ‘72 Jazz body right now. Top notch work! This is such a cool bass!
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  3. steelin4u

    steelin4u Supporting Member

    Thanks! It is gorgeous and I wish I could keep it, but I just spent a ton on an instrument and have to recover $. If I find a way to work it financially, I'm definitely keeping it. An MJT-refinished '72 Jazz?! That sounds killer, too!
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