SOLD MJT Precision body, Olympic White - (Nitro, Swamp Ash)

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    For sale Swamp Ash MJT aged nitrocellulose bass body (Wildwood Manufacturing). Weight = 4lbs. 4oz.


    I originally bought this for a project that I now don't plan to take on. Never installed or used. Shipped exactly as received from MJT, just at a discount and without the wait time.

    Price is Shipped (conus only)
    I will potentially ship internationally as well (for a bit more $)

    C4B660BF-02A7-42A2-9A20-C6293E00F75A.jpeg B30ED4FB-2F4C-4A9B-8CA2-B5202ABDC35D.jpeg FC22D12B-4333-49BC-80FA-FFADB36E1CBF.jpeg 849BC6CC-3719-4F0D-9BC3-B8149CB833B8.jpeg 325CF6F5-1D2F-4971-856E-235DF98CDC30.jpeg C83ABA96-DA80-444C-8D1C-19B952B28BDE.jpeg
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