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MM $$ and preamp ??

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Mark~ChaosBass, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Mark~ChaosBass


    Feb 9, 2008
    I have been having the thought of turning my Sparks 5 string neck thru into a $$ ((meaning duel MM type pickup config. (or Frankenstien $$ I guess LOL)).

    Anyone have any thoughts on this...? It has a swamp ash body and rock maple neck... right now it has Seymour Duncan J pickups and it sounds nice but it's just not as beefy as I want it to sound...

    Wondering if anyone has played a $$ config. on a swamp ash / rock maple NT bass???

    I was thinking of putting in the MEC $$ pickups and all electronic into it, (anyone have an idea how much this might cost?) but if that’s too expensive maybe the Seymour Duncan version of the same...

    ----------------next day----------------

    My local dealer says the MEC electronics are about $750 USD retail... this is for all electronics, PU's pots Pre wire jack etc...Seems sorta high but I bet it would sound great... maybe I will look into the cost of some alternatives like the SD or Norstrand with maybe a Aguilar or Sadowsky preamp… might be a bit less and still sound great…

    The bass is a all handmade NT 5er made by a great friend of mine so to me its worth spending some money on… It actually sounds great on its own but when going thru our live set I use several tunings and when I switch from the Warwick P-Nutt2 or Dolphin ProI the output is just not hot enough and the tone does not cut thru the mix as well with the Sparks… I do admit that I am spoiled by how amazing the Warwicks sound and how they can effortlessly blend in or cut through any mix! I absolutely love my Warwicks and would love it if I could get my Sparks to fit in with them…

    Maybe I should start with a nice preamp and if its still not there then spend the money on the $$ PU’s…

    Anyone have any thoughts, ideas, input, guidance for me?

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