mm bass with 2 pickups

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  1. I went to my the guitarist of my bands dad's house today, to pick up a PA. We got the PA and then his dad was having band practice. They were playing traditional irish songs, and some covers made to sound irish. The bassist showed up and set up. He had a GK head, and a hartke 115cab for this practice. But what i was really interested in was his bass. It was a vintage musicman bass. it had 2 humbuckers, and i believe 3 switches right near the EQ knobs. This bass looked and sounded anyone familiar with this bass? Can you give me some info? thanks
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    That's most likely a Musicman Sabre.
  3. when did they stop making those
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    probably was a sabre, but could have also been a cutlass 2. the biggest give away would be the material of the neck - graphite = cutlass.
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    More than likly the Sabre. Look at the G&L lines. It was Leo Fender's last company after Musicman. They have a similar PUP set up and electronics. In my opinion, G&L is what Musicman would have been if Leo didn't sell the company to Ernie Ball.:D
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    God, when was that? '82?

    Oddly enough I have heard the upper pickup wasn't exactly the same. The Sabre is a dead giveaway because it's standard pickguard extends into the lower horn slightly, unlike the Stingray which is an oval.

    I should also mention that it's possible a similar sound might be obtained with the forthcoming BONGO bass from Musicman. The same HH pickup configuration will be availble on it, the first MM bass that will feature this pup configuration since Sabre AFAIK. The body looks like a toilet seat though, and I am not sure how exactly it will sound in comparison to a Stingray. The PUP position on the lower humbucker is the same as far as I could see, so I have a feeling it will basically sound a lot like a Stingray with the option of having a neck pickup of either the single coil or double coil humbucker variety.
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    There's a very few Sabres that were made under Ernie Ball ownership...these would date to what 83, 84?

    Most Sabres have exposed polepieces like StingRays but I have seen some with covered polepieces as well.

    Sabres usually go for hundreds LESS than StingRays used so can be good buys.
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    I have an Ernie Ball Sabre which I bought new in the late 80's... '88 or '89, as I recall. It's such a great bass that I wish I still played four string! My dream bass would be a 5-string Sabre (wide spacing of course).
  9. It definately sounds like a Sabre. Great tone, one of the heaviest basses I've ever had hanging on my shoulder. I've got a pic of my old Sabre on my website.