MM Bongo 6 Ad: Real??

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  1. N4860


    Mar 28, 2017
    Waterloo, ON Canada
    Hey everyone,

    I saw an ad on Kijiji today for a MM Bongo 6 which is listed for $2000.00 and claimed to be brand new. These things are hard to find in Canada (I can't seem to find anyone who even retails them) and I feel like a new one would be a lot more than $2000.00. Can anyone tell from the pics at this link if this is legit or not? Here is the link to the ad: Bongo musicman bass | Guitars | Mississauga / Peel Region | Kijiji
    I'd have to drive a little over an hour to check it out so I'd prefer to save myself the time and gas as I am a bit suspicious. Seems to good to be true. Let me know what you think!
  2. N4860


    Mar 28, 2017
    Waterloo, ON Canada
    Also, not sure if it matters or not, but it looks like EB doesn't offer that colour for the Bongo anymore. Would anyone know how long ago they were offering that colour? I asked for the serial number and submitted it already on the EB forum to get some more info about it. Maybe that might help once I hear back from them there.
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    It looks like a legitimate Bongo 6. You can always ask for the serial number and then check with EBMM customer service.

    The blue color was discontinued I think in 2016 or possibly 2015. The add said the bass was in new condition so assuming the owner is being truthful, my guess is that the bass has always been kept in its case when not being played.
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  4. Dr. Cheese

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    Mar 3, 2004
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    That’s a Bongo alright.
  5. BMGecko


    Sep 5, 2002
    Albuquerque, NM
    Did you buy it?
  6. N4860


    Mar 28, 2017
    Waterloo, ON Canada
    No, not yet at least. I offered a few hundred less and the person wouldn't budge. I initially thought it was a crazy good deal but that was from using eBay prices as a reference. The prices for bongos on eBay seem to mostly be from Japan and they're listed for over $5000 but upon searching the market here, bongos tend to be listed used for a round $1500. This one is still for sale and has been listed for months now without any price reduction so I'm guessing they're not in any hurry to sell it. I've just purchased a house so I figured I should settle in now before buying another bass.