MM Bongo Knob Question?

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  1. My friend got a new Bongo double humbucker for his b-day and we both can't figure out the knobs. It has 2 normal and 2 stacked. The first one we know is volume and we have other ideas but dont know for sure.Any help would be apreciated, Thx

    p.s. I know how many bongo freaks there are so I'll tell u the color. Its black with black pick guard but I gave my friend the idea to get a green pearl and hes going to go for it, I think it will officealy be the sickest bongo ever.
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    volume - pickup blend - low mids(bottom)/high mids(top) - bass(bottom)/treble(top)
  3. thx, but one quick question. Pick-up blend is saposed to switch volume perentage to each pick-up, but his bass it makes the bass sound "soft" volume wise not switching pick-ups.I had a feeling that thats what the knob was for switching the pick-ups but it dont. Is this comon.
  4. Turn the blend switch all the way left or right & tap on the coils w/ a metal'll see that one p/u will be turned off when turned all the way one way. I leave mine at the center detent.