MM Sabre -> MB TA501 -> Berg AE410 = Bliss

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    Played this config this past weekend for most of the gig (the '78 P also came out for a few tunes). Tone was amazing. The lead guitarist in my band made it a point to tell me how much he liked the Sabre/MB/Berg rig. It's going to be my main configuration for the foreseeable future!
  2. My current favorite configuration is my '03 MIA P -> MB TA501 -> Schroeder 410R. Absolutely amazing.
  3. Per both the posts above, two of my favorite rigs are:

    A J Bass into a Bergantino AE410/F1 or a Schroeder 115L+/F1 or LMII. Really nice sounding, punchy rigs that are very loud for their size/weight, and replicate the 'grind and growl' of a J Bass type instrument very nicely IMO!
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    I absolutely love the tone of my TA501 + HT/EX rig. If it only had just a little more power behind it so I could use it for my NV610. I had to get (kicking and screaming the whole way:D) a DB750 for the NV610.
  5. I have my LMII running into a Schroeder 1210L. It's tight, punchy and loud but just comes a leeeeeeeeettle bit short of the TA501 and the 410.

    Even so, playing through the smaller setup still sends chills down the spine.
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    #1 Jazz or Q -> LMII -> AE410

    #2 Jazz or Q -> Tube pre-Carvin -> AE410

    Got add some DBX in there.

    Mostly is #1 with a Jazz and I'm pretty happy.