MM Stingray and heavy metal

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by gribuski, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. gribuski


    Aug 7, 2002
    Nashville, TN
    My current band is in the process of recording some tracks right now, and I'm looking for other bass players' opinions on this. I play a MM SR5 pretty much exclusively...and if it matters we generally play dropped a whole step and drop D (or drop C...however you say that).

    We play slightly progressivish ends up sounding somewhere between Lamb of God and Down. Its hard to explain. Anyway, I'm historically a funk/jamband guy who has recorded with those bands no problem. I usually run XLR direct from my SWR 350x and it sounds wonderful. But with this band, I'm finding that for some reason I sound a little too...Stingray. I feel like it doesn't blend well in the mix.

    The guy who is acting sort of as producer said "We need to record you on a 'metal' bass. Your bass just doesn't sound right." Granted, he's a drummer and generally I couldn't care less about what he thinks about my guitar sound. But, he did go to school for sound engineering and knows his stuff. However, he's a fan of some crappy bands and most of his metal likes/dislikes are completely different than mine and the rest of the band's.

    So I've got a couple of thoughts rolling around in my head. Basically, do you guys think an SR5 is appropriate for metal?

    1) Any other recording suggestions? I'm going to try a mic this weekend, and probably try a mic/direct combination. Never tried it, but heard things.

    2) I've been playing these songs fingerstyle for the last 4 months or so (after switching back and forth a couple of times prior to that), but everyone thought a pick sounded better on the recording so that's what I used. Obviously, my takes were a little reluctant and I think it shows on the recording. Plus, I think the pick made the 'Ray a little more prominent. I'm going to do my tracks again fingerstyle and hopefully dull the brightness and get a more comfortable take as well.

    3) Can anyone think of any metal bands that the bass player plays a Ray? The only one I can think of is the dude from Powerman 5000. I'd like some suggestions so I could pick up an album.

    4) I see absolutely no reason to rent another bass to record any of you?! Its not like I'm using sub-par equipment.

    Thanks in advance for any info. This post is probably a little random, but I wanted to get my thoughts out there so I could have something to use this weekend.
  2. gribuski


    Aug 7, 2002
    Nashville, TN
    that post was a lot longer than I thought it was going to be.

  3. dude from linklin park plays a ray?
  4. ArwinH

    ArwinH run rabbit run

    Dec 1, 2005
    Southern California
    Alot of guys use stringrays if memory serves, Disturbed, old dream theatre, etc.

    I think they sound cool, experiment with that eq, hand placement, and string choice
  5. before switching to a different bass, i'd say try experimenting with different eq (bass and amp) settings. also, maybe try something like a SABDDI or an ampeg or mesa tube preamp.

    have you and your band actually heard how your tracks sit in the mix? i'm not saying to get rid of your producer, but listening to yourself might help you figure out where the tonal deficiencies are. (or maybe you'll think the producer is full of it :) )
  6. Lowpro


    Sep 25, 2006
    Birmingham, AL
    Cliff Williams of AC/DC
    John Deacon of Queen
    Tim Commerford of RATM and Audioslave ( though he uses many basses)
    Tod Hamilton has one somewhere I know.
    The guy from Disturbed

    And the reason I want a Ray, and then a Wal afterwards: Justin Chancellor of Tool.

    Hmm, well have you tried any effects or fiddled with your EQ? Try to pull more of a darker growl out of the Ray? Because I've used them for songs from Tool, Audioslave, NiN, Mastodon ( Troy Sanders uses an Ibanez I think) and the Stingray always pulls a perfect sound for me, but I'm not in a band =\ If you are looking for more of a growl, again put a few effects to get more of the low end, and I use a pick for more of a punchier feel.

    I think that when I use my fingers I just hear a more funk groove than with a pick.

    Anyways, I'm trying to think of what is considered a "metal" bass. Because when you try to instead use your amp to pull out that growl, any bass is a metal bass. Martin Mendez of Opeth uses a Fender Jazz, Nikki Sixx used Gibson and Fender Precisions as well as Frank Bello of Anthrax. I cant remember what Rudy Sarzo played but i'm trying to prove my point. Just because the Stingray is what it is doesn't mean it can't play metal music.
  7. sarzo played a peavey sarzo :)
  8. Lowpro


    Sep 25, 2006
    Birmingham, AL
    Aw dammit, before I typed that I typed "Peavy Sarzo played" and erased the Peavey part to replace it with Rudy, and totally forgot after that -.-

    Too many drugs.
  9. karrot-x

    karrot-x Inactive

    Feb 21, 2004
    Omicron Persei 8
    Tons of guys have used Rays. As I Lay Dying, Unearth, ... I can't think of more right now. However I have seen a ass load use rays. It's just like a J-bass, everyone uses them. Not many players endorsed by MM, this doesn't mean they don't use them to record/play. One more band is Atreyu.
  10. ray for metal, why not? its got a flexible preamp, you should be able to coax some metalish tones outta it. go for it.
  11. I'm pretty sure Stefan Fimmers of Necrophagist plays a Stingray, and they can't be anything but metal!!! I say, make it work! If someone says it can't be done, prove em wrong by doing it AND amking it cool!
  12. The dude from Chevelle uses a Ray too. Try it through a sansamp too. A sansamp can get great metal tones.
  13. CentralCoastBass

    CentralCoastBass Guest

    Feb 4, 2004
    yeah, i have had this problem in the past. the ray just didn't work. unfortunately, i didn't have another bass at the time. looking back, i wish i had. it just sounds "different". side note..........lots of folks play the ray, but that doesn't necessarily mean they record with em. schlate.
  14. Pearldiver


    Apr 30, 2005
    I think my question would be,

    Do "you" like how your bass sounds in in the context of the band? Have any of your bandmates indicated that your tone is a problem?
    If not, then you should consider your tone as part of the bands overall makeup and deserves to be represented on the bands recordings.

    If it's only your producer that has the problem. Then it sounds more like he would rather have a kneejerk reaction and have you use something else that he already knows "works" rather then produce the band how it really is.

    my 2cents. :smug:
  15. Lowend65

    Lowend65 Supporting Member

    Sep 21, 2006
    San Jose, CA
    I'd say take the EQ and scoop the hell out of it; as in Max out the highs and lows and drop the mids as a baseline (no pun intended)

    I hate using picks and a pick may be the key to getting that clinky metal tone
  16. soniq


    Apr 19, 2006
    El Dorado Hills, CA
    Obtain an SR HH and switch it to the middle position :) .
  17. Gegatso


    Jan 16, 2006
    St. Louis, MO
    I just got stung by a Stingray today and plan to use it for a load of styles -- including a lot of metal, since I had no other bass that IMO sounded like a "metal bass"

  18. steve21

    steve21 Inactive

    Then he'll get destroyed in the mix.
  19. JGR

    JGR The "G" is for Gustav Commercial User

    Jun 29, 2006
    President, CEO, CFO, CIO, Chief Engineer, Technician, Janitor - Reiner Amplification
    ...and lets not forget Mark "The Animal" Mendoza from Twisted Sister!! :bassist:

  20. Bass4LifeRS


    Oct 18, 2005
    Why be afraid of trying something "new" ? You will be heard in the mix with this Stingray, and the final record result might be very nice. You aren't exactly redefining the metal genre by playing a stingray bass in the band. I'd say go for it. Make the engineer widen his horizon :bassist:
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