MM Style 5-string Pickups/Preamps

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    Mar 6, 2008
    So, I'm getting a 5-string bass built for me, it will have an ash body, 34"-scale, and electronics similar to an EBMM Bongo/Stingray/Sterling HH 5-string but without the split positions (after lots of testing/listening/etc. I've decided those sounds are covered by my Jazz Bass V as much as I'll need them to be). So, I'm looking for advice on pickups and preamps. I know I want a 3-band EQ. As for the pickups, I know they come in a couple different styles, here's what I've been looking at so far:

    Seymour Duncan SMB-5d

    Nordstrand mm5.2

    The guy building my bass uses Nordstrands for his guitars and recommends them, and I'm interested in them for sure. My main concerns are:

    How do they sound?
    How easy/hard is it to replace them with Seymour Duncans or other MM-style pickups later?
    Can you order the Seymour Duncans in the non-soapbar body like the 4-string version/Nordstrands/what EBMM is using now?