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  1. WarwickFRK

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    Oct 14, 2001
    Just wanted to post my experience with using the Mo live. I've played three gigs this past weekend with the Mo and the response has been quite interesting! Every gig I've played so far I've put the Mo'Bass behind my SWR cabs and the foot controller out of view. The first show I wasn't hooked up to the board, so I had to crank the Mo up to 6. It was a small show, 90 people packed in a place that can hold probably only 50. After our set I had literally a handful of curious kids asking me what kind of set up I used. I told them it was a Mo'Bass head, and they all had questions about the head. I tried to answer them but I just got the thing so...

    Second night we played at a large club that had at least 500 kids there. The sound cat plugged in the XLR's into the back of the MO this time and I brought only the Goliath III, again I put the head behind my cab. This night kind of sucked because the sound guy was foolin' with my Mo and insisting I change all the settings. Pain in the rear! To make matters worse in the middle of the third song I guess I got too into the music and broke my B string. I sold my Stingray 5 and my damn Modulus 5 string was stolen last year (damn the person who f**kin' stole my Modulus, you'll pay) so I brought my Smith "Zebra" 6 string as a back up and had to use it. Needless to say the tone wasn't up to par because I haven't had time to tweak the Smith with the MO, did the best I could on the fly and got a damn good tone in a matter of minutes. After the set again I had more than a handful of kids wanting to talk to me (yeah, hey its my 15 minutes of fame, ;) ) about my bass set up. Again I told them it was a MO and get this, one of the bands bassist that night wanted to know if he could "borrow" my Mo for his SWR 900. Well, I said I'd think about it and I'll probably will do so just to see what the big difference is, BUT I rarely trust anyone so who knows...

    Tonight we played yet another gig at a small club with about 50 kids there. Same set, and got my Warwick a new B string. Same set up but brought the whole SWR rig. Turned the MO up to about 6 again and went off. The only problem this time is one of the guitarist slammed into my rig (he's nuts) so I got upset with that. The guys in this band told me to do a bass solo while the DJ adjusted his records and synth. So I did, used all the effects. Needless to say this brought tons of curiousity after the show. People that didn't even play an instrument had to ask me "what was that?" Told them it was called a Mo'Bass. There were 4 kids that played bass that told me they did not like the Mo'Bass but didn't realize it could sound the way it did tonight. Interesting...

    Well that's my experience so far, I told all those people I met about so who knows who will be posting now. This coming weekend is yet another 3 shows, Let's see how the Mo stands up again, and let's see if I stick with it :eek: maybe that SWR 900 cat will trade me...nah.
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    Mar 8, 2000
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    I'd be leary of lending someone that amp, unless it's someone I know well who I have no doubt would be responsible for and with it.

    In other words... I wouldn't lend anyone that amp;)
  3. Freakapotamus9


    Jun 20, 2001
    ive played a few Mo' in my day. great amp! i get lost playing with all the toys on Mo'. keep us posted. btw, how much did you pay for the Mo'???
  4. WarwickFRK

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    Oct 14, 2001
    The Mo cost me $1300 and some change, GC told me it was on sale, it came with the foot controller.

    The MO did well at the three gigs, it sounded really good IMHO. But I have another 18 gigs with this session band before I quit. Yes, its fun to play this nu-metal stuff, lots of energy and the crowd goes wild, its fun but ultimately not my cup of tea :oops: More into jazz/fusion instrumental music. I dig "OLD" dave matthews also and some radio music but not much.

    Anyway this guy in this one band that played one of those nights has a SWR SM-900 head. I heard them play and well, wasn't impressed with his tone. I'm wondering what I can do to it. I think the 900 is the best head SWR makes is this correct?

    I don't trust no body, I've been burned before so I live and learn. I still have not gotten over my Modulus being stolen (its the one Stefan from DBM uses) and I had insurance on that bass and got some money back (hence the warwick thumb5BO). I left it alone for literally 2 minutes to get a drink, came back *poof* G O N E :(

    anywho, the MO'bass head is doin' its job and I really dig it but only time will tell how it stands up.