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    So, as the C.O.O. of a very blessed Internet Marketing firm, I know quite a bit about how users interact and use forums and other websites. Knowing that mobile is quickly replacing desktop for web browsing and already a clear leader in Social Media use, I'm willing to bet that mobile web based (droid, iPhone browser based AND TB app) is quickly (if not already) becoming the majority portion of user traffic on TB.

    Our community is part Social, Educational and Commerce. It's like Facebook married eBay and has the occasional fling with Webster. Anytime a user leaves the site, it's bad. Period! It's a bad user experience and it can even lead to poor web of trust issues.

    If you're using the TB app, searching through the classified and pondering the purchase of a $4000 bass, does it really give you a great feeling to have a browser window pop up for photobucket images and the resultant video commercial for subway? Do you know that's even happening? On the flip side, how many of us actually PAY to use this site? Because it sure costs money to run!

    So my question is this. It's 2013. Server space is cheap. I'd like to find a business model for our community where our photos can stay on TB servers 100% of the time. How much would that REALLY cost? If there were a one time cost to upgrade our forum forever and always, what would that number be? And, conversely, is this an "issue" to anyone else? And if so, if you're not already, would you be willing to put your money where your concerns are?

    Does anyone really care about this?

    Is this an issue we, as a community, what to get behind and help effect change?

    And if the answers to these questions are in the affirmative, what does that cost?
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    I too have been frustrated by the redirect to the Photobucket web site when using a mobile device.
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    It has got to the point where I will not even touch on the photos of a sale thread.
    If I am interested in see the photo I will wait until I am on a computer.
  4. Haven't had that problem. I'm in Aus. Dunno if that makes any difference
    Am interested in yr ideas tho. :thumbup: