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  1. I am an avid stingray player and collector. I have a 1980 pre-ernie stingray in trans-mocha brown with stock "GOLD HARDWARE". I have cked with historians at ernieball along with others and original owner. Hardware is stock with all #'s,and logos in plain view. Bass is in a solid 8.8-9.0 cond. Has all original paperwork,warranty and etc..Has original rectangle tolex case with dark brown lining(very plush). I was told the only other one known is Tom Hamilton's of Areosmith. I was also told it was appraised at $3k-$4k. My questions are:What is the value in others opinions, How many of these were made,and etc..Any info that can be provided on this baby is greatly appreciated. PS: The nut is also gold(brass) and is stock. I look forward to all the feedback I can get. Tks again.