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Modern "C" shaped neck?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by tryeguy, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. tryeguy


    Sep 28, 2004
    When describing Fender Jazz basses, sometimes I see the term, "modern 'c' shaped neck," What is that? I have an older jazz bass, and the neck is kinda flat rounded thin, as opposed to a fatter round neck like that of a precision. Whats this modern c shape, and when did it first come out?
  2. CaracasBass


    Jun 16, 2001
    Madrid, Spain
    My Mike Dirnt P-bass has a C neck profile. Is thick and nice in my big hands.
  3. Cliff Bordwell

    Cliff Bordwell Commercial User

    Jan 6, 2004
    USA , Orlando , Florida
    Owner of CB BASSES
  4. Steve


    Aug 10, 2001
    correct me if I'm wrong please but...as far as Fender-speak goes...

    Doesn't the A, B, or C neck refer to the fret board width at the nut?
  5. CaracasBass


    Jun 16, 2001
    Madrid, Spain
    I think that is related to the shape of the back of the neck. Take a look at the link Cliff posted before.
  6. Steve


    Aug 10, 2001
    yeah but.....that ain't Fender. I'm not trying to be a jerk....I'd like to know myself now that I think about it.
  7. DubDubs


    Aug 23, 2004
    Los Angeles
    I've never heard of an A but I've seen D necks on fender's website. IF the link posted is what fender uses then it doesn't really help too much becuase even though you might have a C neck the C neck on another Jazz might be different because those letters only refer to the profile not the thickness.
  8. Fuzzbass

    Fuzzbass P5 with overdrive Gold Supporting Member

    Fender used A, B, and C to designate different neck widths: A for Fender Jazz, B for modern Precision, C for vintage Precision. But as noted in the link, C is also a kind of profile shape, along with U and V. "C shape neck" refers to profile.
  9. As you could custom order a Precision with an "A width neck," not an "A shape neck."

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