Modern Metal/Rock Pedalboard Order

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  1. I'm on the never ending search for what I consider a perfect tone for the band I'm in. I'm using a Dingwall D-bird standard as my main gigging bass. I've been playing around with the order of these pedals I currently have on my board and am considering adding a Broughton HP/LP filter or OmniCamSim pedal as well as a LS-2 pedal just because I've never used one and want to experiment and see for myself if it's worth it.

    The only pedals I use currently is:
    tuner>Sansamp Bass DI V2>Idiotbox Blower Box> Darkglass X7

    I don't typically use an amp on stage and run DI so am trying to keep that last in my pedal board order unless I can just use the out of the LS-2 to send to my Shure PSM200 and use the parallel out to send to the FOH.

    Would I benefit any from the HP/LP filter when the X7 has it's own LP/HP filter?
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    Sometimes an external effect can work better/be more modular than a built in one. Hard to say without trying stuff out!
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    Aren't the controls on the Darkglass pedal specifically for the distortion rather than actual High-pass & low-pass filters?
  4. I'm not sure how the filter works on the X7 honestly. I thought the same and thought the high pass really only sets the freq where it starts to distort.

    I was going to either try out a Broughton H/LPF or the always on high pass at the end but I ended up buying a OmniCabSim that I believe works like a H/LPF as well to try out after. May still try out the Broughton as well if it would be beneficial
  5. So now pedals I have available to mix with the order of:
    Darkglass X7
    Sansamp bass driver di v2
    Idiotbox Blower box
    Boss NS-2
    JHS Pulp N Peel v4

    Any recommendations? I'm curious to see what cool blending or A/B options I can come up with on the NS-2