Modified Epiphone EB-0 pickup (coil split)

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  1. Here's kind of a weird one. I did some surgery on a Mudbucker pickup from an Epiphone EB-0 as an experiment. The coils in this pickup are placed horizontally with a steel plate going through both of them (the screw poles are then screwed into the steel plate in between the two coils). I was curious how coil splitting would sound, and I was also wondering if it would sound different if I turned the coils vertically, so I cut the steel plate down the middle, turned the pickups so that the steel plate on each faced up (like a blade pickup), hooked up 4-conducted wire, and did just that.

    I'm not sure the tone is all that different, maybe just a touch brighter and more clear, but obviously I couldn't A-B the two sounds so I can't say for sure. I hooked it up to a 3-way toggle wired in parallel-single coil-series. The series option was the best (huge!), but the others sounded pretty decent too. The one downside was that the humbucking options (both parallel and series) no longer buck the hum. I'm thinking this must have something to do with the polarity/grounding and/or direction of the windings (I'm no expert on this), but there is a slight 60-cycle hum in all three positions. Perhaps this could be corrected by wiring the pickup differently or turning the coils to another position, but I'll leave the rest of the experimenting up to the next interested tinkerer.

    I put the pickup back together using electrical tape, and there currently is no way to screw the pole piece screws back in place (no gap between the coils and nothing to screw into), but I'll include them anyway. I'll also include the chrome cover, but I don't have the mounting screws.

    Anyway, I'm selling this as-is for $20 shipped. Or make an offer. I'm flexible, just tired of messing with this one. Sorry I don't have better pictures, but this shows the new arrangement of the pickup and where it's connected to the 4-conductor wire.

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    For any buyers
    flipping the polarity on one coil "may" fix the hum problem.
    For $20 shipped it's a deal of a project.
    To seller.
    I know you're sick of thinking about it so put a "later" post it on it and throw it in a ziplock bag and throw it in a drawer you may have a bright idea in a month.
  3. $15 shipped or trade for any useful parts?