Modify wiring on a Peavey T-40

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  1. Hi everyone, I want to modify the wiring scheme on my T-40. I've installed two push-pull pots to switch from single coil to humbuckers on both pickups. Now, I've got rid of the out-of-phase switch (pointless on bass) and I've switched it (no pun intended) to a series-parallel switch. I'd like the following combinations:

    - neck pickup, single coil, rear coil
    - neck pickup, humbucker
    - both pickups parallel, inner coils*
    - both pickups parallel, humbuckers
    - bridge pickup, single coil, front coil*
    - bridge pickup, humbucker
    - both pickups series, humbucker
    - both pickups series, inner coils*
    - both pickups series, neck pickup rear coil, bridge pickup humbucker*
    - both pickups series, neck pickup humbucker, bridge pickup front coil*

    The combinations marked with (*) are the ones that I'm unsure how can be done, and whether they can be done at all. Both pickups usually switch to single coil by singling out the rear coil, so I don't know if you can make the bridge pickup select the front coil instead (turn it around? Wire it differently?).

    Can you help me out?
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    on-on-on DPDT would get you most of the way there:

    note, the wire colors will not match yours

    Messing around with having aft or fore coil on is kind of pointless considering the change in timbre will be minimal.
    The important part is that when you're coil-splitting that the bridge pickup's active single-coil is reverse-wound, reverse polarity from the other pickup's single-coil, so they continue to hum-cancel.
  3. With series wiring I intended putting both pickups in series between them, not internally. The pickups have 4 leads coming out of them and are wired in series internally. What I wanted to do is to combine one single coil from the neck humbucker with another coil from the bridge humbucker (Dano style).

    I'm not too fussy about the inner coil thingy (even though it does make a difference at the bridge in my opinion).