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  1. ErnestTheBass


    Mar 24, 2018
    I read about the 'controversy' surrounding modifying bass parts, which I feel is appropriate, depending on the piece.. feel like so many pieces where the bas part doubles the celli, which I take personally and the bass is just a background instrument... and I'm tired of violinists writing in bowings for bass, when bass has its own thing going on.. th ere might be bassist whose goal is to do that- utterly not on my list if goals... but to the point, perhaps Imma lazy bassist, but I feel that bassist should get full authority over whether they are able to modify or not-for-profit as long as it tastefully done, no harm done, right? If playing historically accurate pieces, then of course this wouldn't work, it for the general populace?
  2. neilG


    Jun 15, 2003
    Ventura, CA
    What do you mean by "modifying" the bass parts?
  3. Neil Pye

    Neil Pye

    Apr 13, 2016
    Horsham, UK
    In an orchestra, your job as a member of the orchestra is to play the music that is put in front of you to the best of your ability. You should absolutely take into account any edits your conductor wants to make, and if the orchestra's policy is that the Leader deals with bowing, then so be it. If you want to "modify" your parts, maybe orchestral music is not for you? I'm not sure what point you're trying to make....