Modifying Carvin IC6 questions.

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  1. So, I have a 2013 Carvin IC6 Bass with a Piezo Bridge and Carvin Singles in it. My question is about swapping the electronics mainly.
    I want to try and keep the Piezo on the bass but want to replace the pickups and pre amp with something a little stronger and clearer. I’m considering Nordstrand’s and a Darkglass Tone Capsule for a faux Dingwall tone (trying to get the Periphery / Nolly Getgood tone without buying another bass) but I’d love suggestions since I just want it to be a big clear sound that’s diverse! But when I looked in the back of the bass it seemed like the piezo is intergrated into the Carvin pre. Does anyone have any experience with working with this when modifying their Carvin with a Piezo bridge? I know it is a hipshot bridge so if worse comes to worst I could order the parts to from them for the piezo, right?
    Anything helps, I just want this bass to sound as good as it plays.

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    I briefly looked into doing a similar thing on my LB76 and, from what I remember, is that you would need a pre that is able to handle the piezo as well. It has been a few years since I looked into it though, I could remember things wrong. In the end, I was leaning toward a pickup swap and leaving the pre so I could still use the piezo. I never did swap anything out, however. I am interested to see what others have to say and if you end up swapping parts though.
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