modifying yamaha bbn5

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    Jun 20, 2000
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    I was thinking of buying a yamaha bbn5 (the one with passive jazz pickups and 3 knobs), since they sell for so cheap used. But I was just wondering if their innards have enough room for an active tone circuit like a seymour duncan or aguilar or something??? Also, is this bass nice enough to be worthy of a good preamp? If not, I might just go for a modified mexi-fender like I've heard of on TB.
  2. I modifyed my Yamaha TRB5 by ripping out the pre-amp and replacing it with a Sadowsky pre-amp and I have never looked back.
    If you like the neck on your bass, I don't care how expensive/inexpensive it is, just put a better pre-amp in it and you will be happy.
  3. I've got a BBN5II with the humbuckers, not the jazz pups. I put in a Seymour Duncan 2 band preamp, and it works a treat. It was a very tight fit, and involved removing a small amount of wood inside the cavity, which I then lined with copper foil. In order to get the preamp and the battery into the cavity, I had to ditch the supplied volume pot with the pull facility for the slap circuit, and replace with a conventional pot. I would'nt use the slap circuit anyway. I also removed the quick release harness connectors and soldered the wires directly on to the pins. This gave me a bit more space. Whilst on the job, I installed a set of threaded brass screw inserts for the cavity screws, and a Switchcraft output socket. My knobs now are volume, blend, and stacked treble and bass. All up, a very worthwhile exercise, the sound and punch is great. I've had all sorts of basses, such as a Stingray 5, but the Yammie blows them all into the weeds now, and it has the 20mm string spacing, which is really hard to find in a 5 string bass. I love it.