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  1. bassman_2_1


    Dec 31, 2005
    Hi, i am currently using a modulus flea bass through an ampeg svt4-pro-- using ampeg BXT cabs 4x10"+1x15".. my problem is while using this set up it seems to overload the input stage of my amp, so while playing relitivly low the amp is always overloading( hiting red) so i have been using the amp on about very low an this doesnt make any difference. Is this a problem with the impeadence or that the bass has active pickups? I think i have already damaged the bottom cab as it seems to be buzzing alot, any diagnosis would be helpful. cheers
  2. register2


    Nov 15, 2003
    Are you hitting the "-15dB" button near the input?
  3. I had a flea that ran pretty hot with the pickups. It also at one point had some grounding problems just from a loose soldering job that caused very loud popping/clipping. Once that was fixed I kept the gain on the amp relatively low and went through the active input. If you unplug the bottom cab does the other one buzz or hiss?
  4. bassman_2_1


    Dec 31, 2005
    No buzzing from the 4x10" cab--- think i have definatly damaged the 1x15", hopefully i will get that checked out soon. I just thought i didnt seem to have this problem using my yamaha bass-(sold it now) but the pickup is very sensitive on the flea bass, the sound is great etc-- just really worried i am going to wear my gear down very quickly with the input stage of the amp hitting red all the time. I mean the amp has some power, but just cant understand why it would do this on low vloume, but it seem to be somthing with the bass. But i am not really sure about the impeadence and how it affects things. is it possible that the bass is hight impeandence and the amp would be lower?
  5. DanRJBrasil


    Jun 10, 2007
    I have a steinberger with active emgs that runs very hot on the input of my svt 4 , if is in red a lot I sugget using the -10db swicth or use the turner as a input( -5db input) ;)
  6. bassman_2_1


    Dec 31, 2005
    yeah ill give that a go- i didnt relize yo could use the tuner input :) As i have recently heard a bit of buzzing from my bottom cab, i am worried that becasue it is running very hot(overloading alot) it will wear my gear down :( is this anything to do with the impeadence? ie/ the impeadence of the bass pickup too much for the amp ect?