SOLD MODULUS GRAPHITE VJ4 Vintage Jazz 4 w/Bubinga Top, Chechen Fingerboard

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    Modulus VJ (2).jpg Modulus VJ (3).jpg Modulus VJ (4).jpg Modulus VJ (9).jpg Modulus VJ (10).jpg Modulus VJ (5).jpg Modulus VJ (6).jpg Modulus VJ (7).jpg Modulus VJ (8).jpg Modulus VJ (11).jpg Modulus VJ (12).jpg Modulus VJ (1).jpg

    This 1999 Modulus VJ 4-String is Used and in Very Good Condition; no major dings or dents, just some thin finish cracks at the neck joint and minor nicks on the finish (see pictures).
    The neck is straight, back of the neck is like new, the frets and fingerboard are in excellent condition (no grooves or flat spots) and the action has been professionally set low with a new set DR Hi Beams. The original Modulus gig bag is included and the bass will be securely packed and fully insured.

    The only issue with this bass is that the neck relief adjustment nut does not work; the small clip that the dual action rod turned against broke of the adjustment nut. Modulus basses from this era do not actually use a traditional truss rod for stability/structure, they are only meant for minor relief adjustments. The rod is NOT broken, just the small clip on the nut itself. This means you would basically treat this bass like a non-truss rod Modulus bass (all Modulus basses before 1999 had no truss rod).

    The neck is perfectly stable with .010 (.25mm) relief at the 8th fret and the 3/32" (2.5mm) action at the 17th fret (on the E-String). If you want this fixed you could always just send it to Jerry Dorsch at Graphite Guitar Systems. I intended to do this if the neck moved at all, but it hasn't at all in the year I've had it and the action/relief is perfect for me.
    • BODY: Ash Back with Figured Bubinga top
    • NECK: Carbon Fiber Composite (Graphite)
    • SCALE LENGTH: 34"
    • FINGERBOARD: Chechen, 10" - 15" Compund Radius
    • NUMBER OF FRETS: 21 medium
    • INLAY: Pearl Dot
    • NUT WIDTH: 1.5" (38.1 mm)
    • BRIDGE: Gotoh Chrome
    • MACHINE HEADS: Gotoh Closed Gear
    • PICKUPS: Bartolini Passive Single Coil J (neck/bridge)
    • ELECTRONICS: Passive
    • CONTROLS: Volume, Volume, Tone
    • FINISH: Natural Gloss
    • WEIGHT: 9 lbs, 15 oz

    SELLING FOR $1400 + SHIPPING, international shipping is no problem, just PM me for a quote.
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