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Modulus owners!!!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Groovecenter, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. Hi guys, Im new here. I was wondering if anyone owned a modulus 4 string. I plan on buying one with the emg pickups new for a nice price. How does it sound for slap? is the fingerboard flatter radiused or more j-bass like?

  2. my q5 has a great slap tone IMO. the fingerboard is flat.
  3. I also have a Q5 and The slap is great. I've often found that the way a bass sounds when slapped is more in the techmique of the player, and the strings, than the make or model of the bass. I used to think my old bass sounded crappy when slapped until a real bassist picked it up and showed me how awful my slap technique was.
  4. beefhaus2000


    Sep 25, 2002
    New Jersey
    I have a Flea, It was made for slap. The radius is compound but overall flatter than a j
  5. I have a Q6, and even though a little cramped, it too sounds awesome for slap.
  6. Fuzzbass

    Fuzzbass P5 with overdrive Gold Supporting Member

    I would say the exact same thing about my Q5.

    I believe a Q4 has J-bass spacing both at nut and at bridge.
  7. fclefgeoff

    fclefgeoff Supporting Member

    Jan 3, 2002
    But I don't slap. The neck is pretty thin and comfortable. Mine has Barts in it so I can't comment on the EMG's. Good instruments though. I haven't seen too many people complain about Modulus Basses.
  8. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    I owned a Modulus Quantum 4-string for 1-1/2 years with EMG pickups. Back then, the radius was 20", IIRC, so it was REALLY flat. The necks were wider and shallower than the newer neck profile, which changed somewhere around 1999.

    The bass had a very agressive slap tone, so if you're a good slapper, it might be a good bass for you. I'm not a slapper, and thought it was a little harsh. YMMV.