Modulus Quantum 4

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    I have a perfect condition modulus Quantum 4 I am debating selling soon but I wanted to check out your opinion on the value and if I should do it....
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    Jul 31, 2005
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    Sep 18, 2017
    I have a green quilt Q4, exceptional cond. original HSC. I bought used from a music store. I paid a bit under $1500 after calculating from CDN.$. IMHO, given the crazy prices of a new one, hold onto yours forever.
  4. Unless you need an organ transplant or have to pay ransom to rescue a loved one I would recommend keeping it. I have a 92 Q5 that I bought around 95 and it has always been the bass to rely on. I never liked the EMG pickups but I played one with Bartolini pickups and preamp that sounded just fantastic. I went through 3 iterations of EMG pickups and preamps before installing Lane Poor pickups and preamp in mine and I have had that setup for over 15 years.

    If you have hesitations about the sound of the EMGs try some Bartolini pickups and preamp and I think you will forget about selling that bass,

    Rick B.