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    Apr 3, 2014
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    Screenshot_20230219_115645_Reverb.jpg Screenshot_20230219_115650_Reverb.jpg Screenshot_20230219_115735_Reverb.jpg Screenshot_20230219_115718_Reverb.jpg Screenshot_20230219_115710_Reverb.jpg Screenshot_20230219_115807_Reverb.jpg Screenshot_20230219_115817_Reverb.jpg Screenshot_20230219_115756_Reverb.jpg This is a 2008 Modulus Quantum 5 WIDE (the spacing is 18.5 at the bridge. A bit wider than standard 17mm set-ups but a hair less than Fender Jazz). Perfect spacing to give you room to WORK! The top is an exquisite Exhibition Grade AAAA Flame Spalted Maple with a beautiful swamp ash body. The neck is the famous KLD (Thousand Ladies Dancing) matched to a Chechen fingerboard that warms the tone up just a hair. It sports a truss rod, but you'll probably only ever use it once when you set it up to your taste. Bartolini soapbars mated with the Aguilar OBP-3 Preamp gives plenty of headroom and any tone you can think of from slinky jazz to fat reggae, it's in there! Comes with the original Modulus hard shell case and the factory plastic still on the control cavity. There are no blemishes that i can see and its in showroom floor condition. New, this bass with the upgrades would be well over the $5000 mark. Overall weight is 10lbs and the balance point is perfection. I simply don't play it as much as I should and it's not doing anyone any good just sitting in it's case. It deserves to be played! Are you up for it?

    Shipping to Continental US only ($89) or local pickup in Harrisburg PA Screenshot_20230219_115645_Reverb.jpg

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    Apr 3, 2014
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    Because someone asked, neck at the nut is 1.9", 2.95" at the 24th fret.

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    A real beauty. I love that spalted maple look. especially with the black hardware. Very cool. Good luck
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