SOLD Modulus Quantum TBX 5 String Museum Quality

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    Feb 5, 2009
    I'm offering up my exquisite 1993 Modulus Quantum TBX 5 string. This is easily the finest example of the original TBX design you're going to find. It's an absolute gem, and looks like one! There are no scratches or dings and it has been left virtually unplayed, without any negligible fret wear. Every time I open the case it's like picking up a brand new bass! The book matched top is the best that I've even seen on a Modulus, it just won't stop quilting! This TBX color, and KLD tint, were a one off. The lower strap button was even drilled above the graphite neck, as not to ruin the bass' aesthetics. The action can be set incredibly low without any buzzing. The best playing bass ever! I can't stress how amazing this bass is. It hits every mark!

    -1993 Modulus Quantum TBX 5 String (official Quantum designation)
    -35" scale (killer B)
    -Exhibition book matched quilt maple top finished in transparent Emerald green
    -Rare Emerald green tinted KLD neck
    -Schaller adjustable bridge (can be swapped out for different colors)
    -Wide aperture EMG DC pickups (fits modern 5 string pickups), W/EMG BT pre-amp
    -Original wooden hard case in good condition.

    Some more details:
    If I remember correctly, I traded one of my Quantum 6 TBX's for this one in the late 90's. The incredibly thin neck and perfect low action must have sold me on this one. Through all my years of ownership, the action has never changed, and has stayed just about resting on the frets low. This bass practically plays itself with very little effort on the part of the player. There are absolutely no signs of any neck issues, which have unfortunately affected a handful of Modulus basses over the years (delamintation, fingerboard swelling that sends the neck out of whack, etc). Again, no issues whatsoever. This one was made perfectly!

    I've owned many Modulus Quantum basses over the years and this one has always been king. The thick tone and B string just crush it. As far as what I could discern between a bolt-on Quantum vs. a neck-through Quantum was the fuller, thicker sound of every note on the neck-through. A lot of this difference is due to the energy loss from the neck when bolted on. When creating a neck through, you're creating one giant vibrating body, with no energy loss. It's basically what I had hoped all my other bolt-on Quantum's would have sounded like. You will sell all of your other basses after playing this one, it really is that good! This is the bass for those who own a lot of other basses and are looking for that perfect playing/sounding bass.

    Note: I will try to get a weight on this. If it helps, it weighs less than any other bolt-on Modulus Quantum that I've ever owned (W/WO truss rod). PayPal for shipping. Cash in person. Best REASONSABLE offer. I have this priced below what a new bolt on Quantum with similar specs would be. Only trades that I would consider (+ cash on the buyer's end) would be a Ken Smith 5 string. Any questions, feel free to PM. Any issues with the listing, something against the rules that I might be unaware of? Please PM me. I welcome any help or suggestions, as I don't sell on here very often (haven't owned a lot basses). Thanks for looking!

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    Hold on, let me think about what my wife would get in the divorce that would follow...

    Nope, can't do it. But HOLY S***!!!!

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    If this were a sixer...I’d buy it in a heartbeat!! Beautiful bass!
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    The Christmas sibling to mine. I have the same bass in red. Good price
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    I've got 8.8 pounds on my bathroom scale. I weighed it a number of times and it never went above 8.9.