Modulus, SWR, other gear for sale/trade

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  1. I've got the following gear up for sale or trade. All offers (except really really moronic ones) considered.

    1) Modulus Quantum 4 SS w/spalted maple top, no trussrod, EMG pickup and TKL hardshell case. Good condition with some scratches in finish on the back of body near neck heel, and a 1/8" one-layer chip in the graphite on the back of the neck at the fifth-fret thumb position;

    2) SWR Workingman's 12 combo. Great condition, no issues save for a little rust on the screws to the corner protectors;

    3) Michael Kelly acoustic/electric bass, amber quilted maple top, back and sides, w/vine inlay and custom gig bag. Excellent condition;

    4) Samson Concert IV wireless, w/3 transmitters. One works perfectly, the other two are iffy.

    Like I said, I'll entertain all offers. Well, most of them, anyway.

    Photos (not all of them are here yet)
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