Moen A/B Bar?

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  1. mistermark311


    Sep 29, 2007
    Anyone have any experience with the following A/B looping device?

    Moen AB BAR A/B Pedal Switcher

    For a live bass rig/pedal set up I'm wanting to run 2 different preamp pedals (a Sans Amp Para Driver and a Sans Amp VT DI) and be able to have binary switching between the two preamps for different sounds within songs.

    The Moen A/B Bar seem to be a viable option however....

    Each loop path can be either true bypass or buffered... When on either loop I'm looking to keep the signal exactly how it would sound as if it were the simple signal path of just:
    bass > Sans Amp > amp.

    In true bypass and/or buffered can I assume the signal integrity and tone will remain as true as the previously mentioned simple signal path? And in either mode with there will be an audible 'pop' when switching loops?

    To be clear, I'm looking for the truest signal path (no volume loss or tone suck) when using either loop and wanting clean sounding switching when going from one channel to the other. Can the Moen A/B Bar deliver?

    I know there are some other options and solutions out there but this seems to be very affordable. However, I know sometimes you get what you pay for... Just looking for other users experience.

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  2. mistermark311


    Sep 29, 2007
  3. silky smoove

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    May 19, 2004
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    If the pedal is functioning properly this is what SHOULD happen. No one will really know without trying that particular pedal.

    In true bypass there might be an audible pop, or there might not be. In buffered mode there should not be an audible pop if the pedal is functioning correctly.